"Thomas' Train"/

"A Big Day for Thomas"

Director(s) Matt Cooper
Producer(s) Matt Cooper
Writer(s) Matt Cooper
Narrator Lukester Farrell

Willie Rushton

Previous episode "Thomas and Gordon"/

"Thomas gets Tricked"

Air date September 17th 2007
Next episode "Thomas and the Trucks"

/"Trouble for Thomas"




Thomas is bored of shunting coaches and wants to pull them, but no one takes notice of his complaining until Henry falls ill. The next morning, no one is available to pull the train and so Thomas gets to pull it. Unfortunately, he is so impatient that he starts without the train, and fails to notice until a signalman points it out to him. Thomas, embarrassed, returns and pulls the train, but for a long time afterwords the other engines tease Thomas about the incident.

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