"James and the Bootlace"
Director(s) Matt Cooper
Producer(s) Matt Cooper
Writer(s) Matt Cooper
Narrator Lukester Farrell

Willie Rushton

Previous episode "James and the Top-Hat"
Air date September 24th 2007
Next episode "Troublesome Trucks"/

"Foolish Freight Cars"



"James and the Bootlace", in American releases, is a first season episode.


James is grumpy after being threatened by blue paint and having to fetch his own coaches. It takes the biscuit when no one comes near him at the platform, and James is so determined to pay everyone out that he doesn't take care with his coaches and causes a leak in the brake-pipe. The crew determine that they need newspaper and leather bootlaces to fix it until they get home, and after a great amount of persuasion a man named Jeremiah Jobling hands his bootlaces over and the train gets home.

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